InStyle’s day in Berlin with Pixie Lott

InStyle’s day in Berlin with Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott launched her new album with a whirlwind trip to Berlin on a private jet. And InStyle’s Entertainment Editor Danielle Hine was there too…

When the call came through last week from the lovely Barbara at Frank PR that G-Shock are flying Pixie Lott and VIP press, fans and friends/family to Berlin on a private jet on Monday 7 September, it was a no brainer. Hell yeah, save me a seat!

The reason for this rather glam, whirlwind trip was to celebrate Pixie launching her first album Turn It Up and becoming the gorgeous new face of Baby G watches.

As well as the general excitement of a day trip out of London, there’s the added bonus that Pixie is being followed around all day by the rather handsome T4 presenter Rick Edwards and his film crew (check it out on T4 this Saturday 12 September).

Here’s the diary of my day with Britain’s biggest new pop star:

4.30am My alarm goes off. No amount of Beauty Flash Balm is going to rescue this face (although ice cubes applied directly to my puffy eyes seems to help). I also decide to wear a sequinned jacket, hoping people will be so blinded by my bling they won’t look at my face.

7.00am After an hour and 10 minute car journey, I arrive at the the Hilton Hotel near Stansted Airport to join the other Berlin travellers. Let’s just say, energy levels are not high.

7.30am A lively, beaming Pixie (with gorgeous, glowy skin) arrives in the reception area wearing a sexy version of a pilot’s outfit. How the hell is she so perky this early? Oh, that’s right, she’s 18. I’m not.

7.45-8.00am We all arrive by shuttle bus at the special private terminal to get our flight and our Pixie Lott wrist bands. It’s nice to check in without a 4-hour wait to get through security.

8.30am We’re all on board the special Pixie Lott jet – yes, it is actually emblazoned with her name. Pixie takes over the tannoy system a few times to tell us to enjoy our flight (methink she likes playing at being a flight attendant). She also threatens to fly the plane. Nobody seems bothered - can't be any worse than Easyjet.

11.45am We arrive in Berlin. Despite looking very hard, I don’t see any double denim. Not even David Hasselhoff (he’s big in Germany). Pixie and her band/crew rush off to set up and do a sound check because she’s performing a showcase of songs from her new album in front of us and various members of the German press.

12.30pm We do a short, scenic tour around some of Berlin’s sights. Which, alas, I can’t quite remember as I was basically asleep with my eyes open. I’m sure it was lovely.

1.30pm We park outside a lovely piazza. Inside one of the rather grand buildings lining it is a spacious photo studio, which is the venue for Pixie’s showcase. We all head inside, rather impressed by the massive, white space and go straight to the bar. White wine goes well with a showcase, I find.

2.30pm Pixie arrives on stage to huge cheers and proceeds to virtually blast us all out of the room with her incredible voice. It’s amazing – all husky, bluesy and powerful. And 100% live. We’re awestruck.

3.30pm Back to the airport and on the plane to London again.

7.00pm Arrive back at Stansted airport. And the irrepressible, still-smiling Pixie has to race off to do another showcase for her fans and competition winners in Kentish Town. She isn’t flagging at all. Is the girl mainlining Red Bull?

9.00pm While Pixie performs another storming gig in London and looks amazing I go home to bed looking haggard. Despite many years singing into my hairbrush it is with great sadness I realise that I could not be a pop star. Just one day of living Pixie Lott’s schedule and I’m a wreck!

Pixie’s album Turn It Up is out 14 September. For further info about Baby-G watches check out

By Danielle Hine

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