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InStyle’s Project 13 Rising Star is…

InStyle’s Project 13 awards are all about celebrating the new – who could have imagined that YouTube could be a career a decade ago? Now, the UK’s biggest celebrities are internet personalities, who started off with little more than a Boots make-up haul and 100 subscribers. Trust us when we say our Rising Star is going to be big - she is... 

Meg Says
YouTube’s beauty heavyweights have set the standard for the next generation of beauty and lifestyle vloggers. Meg Says started her YouTube channel in 2014, posting favourites, make-up tutorials and blogging advice to 56k subscribers and 31k social media followers. There are also heaps of book recommendations, videos on women’s issues and positivity, as well as the usual beauty and fashion posts, making Meg a popular new YouTuber worth keeping an eye on. Hit follow now – you won’t regret it. 

How and why did you start blogging?
I first started a blog when I was 14 but I deleted it when I was 16 because I was too busy with exams. After my first year of university I got back into it because I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and was bedbound for a long time. It was really difficult to go from being a really busy sociable person to being bedbound. I realised that blogging was a hobby I could do from my bed. I’ve just gone from there and I haven’t really looked back.

Do you think that blogging helped with your recovery?
It definitely helped me mentally because it gave me something to do; it gave me a purpose again. Then I started getting invited to events and opportunities started coming along for presenting jobs and gradually over the years I started feeling a little bit better and able to do a bit more. It made a negative situation into something much more positive.

Who did you used to watch on YouTube that inspired you?
One of the first people I found was Zoella. I found her really inspiring because she’s so positive and her vlogs are just her going about her day - she’s unpacking her shopping and having a chat and I liked that. And then I found people like Vivianna Does Make-up and Lily Pebbles and that really got the make-up lover side of me interested.


What is a typical day for you?
It really varies. Some days I’m in my pyjamas with my hair up and no make-up; just editing videos, writing blog posts or getting YouTube content. Other days it’ll be days like today with my make-up and hair done for a photo shoot or presenting. I do spend most of my time working from home.

How does it feel to let so many people into so many parts of your life?
I’m always really careful to not put things out onto the internet that you wouldn’t want people to be negative about. I’m really lucky because my audience is so nice and I don’t deal with hate comments, I don’t really get any nastiness. If I’m having a bad day and I say I’m feeling a bit sad, everyone just comes back with so much love and support that I never really feel too vulnerable. I’m kind of in a nice bubble!

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