If you thought YouTube was all about beauty tutorials and fashion hauls, look again. Behind the camera, there are some incredible YouTubers sharing their inspirational stories of strength and recovery, and here they are…

Recovered anorexic Megan Jayne Crabb is on a mission to shatter the ‘not good enough mentality we’ve all been taught about our bodies’. After her incredible journey overcoming her eating disorder to finally reach self-love, Megan regularly posts unfiltered selfies to her 273k Instagram followers - belly rolls and all. Megan uses social media to support those who feel pressure conform to society’s beauty standards or are struggling with eating disorders themselves, making her one of body positivity’s brightest voices.


Last week I asked you all to tell me how body positivity has changed your life, and your answers filled my heart up. I wanted to tell you what body positivity has done for me, and I'll try my best to find the words. For a long time I truly believed I was the only recovered anorexic turned chubby girl in the world. The one who nearly died for thin and now couldn't even stick to a diet. It seemed as if all life would ever be was cycles of starvation and disgust with myself when I couldn't keep it up. For a long time I truly believed I wasn't worth saving, I wasn't worth a thing. Body positivity is the only thing that ever allowed me to let that girl go. That sad, hollow girl who still followed me around, reminding me of everything I wasn't. She was never who I was supposed to be. I know now that it wasn't her fault, I know now that through her hunger I slowly became who I am today. I know now that I was always worth saving. I know now that we all are. And I promise, I will fight for this until my last breath. I will fight for her, for me, for us. Thank you for fighting with me.

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Jordan Bone
Paralysed from the chest down, Jordan Bone became a tetraplegic after a car accident 11 years ago. Without the full use of her hands, Jordan would cry with frustration after getting mascara all over her face, but found a way to manipulate her brushes using her mouth and regain control (even if doing her own hair isn’t possible). Now, Jordan is a major beauty vlogger in her own right, showing 182k YouTube subscribers and 117k Instagram followers how to recreate an electric purple eye, deep lip or highlight that really pops. 


My Pale Skin
Remember Em Ford’s #YouLookDisgusting video? The beauty vlogger’s totally unfiltered YouTube post has now been viewed over 21 million times, where she reveals the hurtful comments left on her videos and Instagram posts, criticising her acne and calling her ugly. After covering up her adult acne, Em was then told that she was wearing too much make-up, and her finished look was labelled ‘false advertising’. Unable to win, Em posted ‘You Look Disgusting’ to fight back against the trolls, which went viral inspiring thousands of acne sufferers in the process.


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