When was the last time you made something with your hands? Most of us have a pile of old clothes we promise we’ll fix one day, a chair that we honestly will re-upholster and a Pinterest board full of crafting hacks that we really, really do want to  to try out. Our Craft Or Illustration Sensation nominees are the craft bloggers or artists who have put their passion into practice, and become digital influencers in the process. Be amazed by their handiwork below, and then vote for your winner.

Miss Magpie Spy
Niki Groom fills her feed with painterly fashion and beauty illustrations, turning catwalk shots and street style snaps into works of art. Working with watercolour paints, markers and ink, Niki uses her Instagram page as a curated collage of her illustrations, and often shares videos of her work-in-process. She’s on Snapchat too, as well as being part of part of the LIL live illustration collective.


Peas And Needles
Brighton-based Lucy loves to craft; weaving, macramé, pottery, quilting and every other craft you can think of is sketched, Instagrammed and even sold on Etsy. Posting craft tutorials, inspirational images, DIY ideas and shops or places to visit on her Peas and Needles blog, Lucy uses the internet to explore the creative passions her job doesn’t allow. Oh, and she actually really dislikes peas. Feeling crafty yet?


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Hester’s Handmade Home
We all know that a house isn’t enough to make a home, right? Enter Hester van Overbeek, a make-up artist and interiors blogger with a frugal eye and the ability to turn your four walls into a space that’s really your own. Posting craft tutorials and beach house renovations to her blog, Instagram and YouTube channel, Hester’s handmade home is our new late-night obsession. 


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