Ok. So we’re definitely not making the most of our gym membership, but at least with these Best Fitness And Wellbeing Bloggers, we can keep up at home. From yoga poses to workout routines and the recipes that’ll set you up for the day, get sweaty with the nominees below, then vote for your winner.

Shona Vertue
You think you’re good at yoga? Shona Vertue does handstands, camel poses and backbends like they’re the easiest thing in the world. It probably helps that this personal trainer, yoga teacher and fitness blogger used to be a gymnast. Shona shares moves, workouts and yoga tips on her blog and to her 51k Instagram followers, as well as what she eats, where she travels and some seriously motivational messages. Shona is all about working out for the love of it rather than thinking of the end result, which makes her a total girl boss in our eyes.


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AJ Odudu
How do you get noticed at home when you’ve got seven brothers and sisters? Get sporty, in AJ Odudu’s case. The TV presenter and fitness blogger started her active lifestyle back in the ‘90s, and now posts her health hacks, workout routines and favourite cookbooks on her YouTube channel, blog and Instagram account. The best thing about AJ? She’s totally real. Yes, she sweats, but she has a glass of wine with friends and a sweet treat when she wants to. Everything in moderation!


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Lunges and Lycra
All work(out) and no play? Not for Charlotte Thomas and Emma Lax, the fitness bloggers behind Lunges and Lycra - where circuits, handstands, hiking and mountain biking are interspersed with overnight oats and vegan cauliflower cheese. Starting their blog in 2012, Lunges and Lycra is aimed at women who love to get sweaty as much as tucking into a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. Featuring workouts, interviews, recipes, fitness reviews and more, we really, really like these girls. 


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