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From frugal fashion tips to rock’n’roll style, 2016’s Best Fashion Blogger  (in association with Next) is all about personality. She is...

Pages By Megan
Mancunian Megan Ellaby doesn’t do normcore. Looking like she’s stepped straight out of Almost Famous in patchwork suede, silver space boots and shaggy shearling gilets, her blog, Pages By Megan, is a style guide for every music-loving rock chick with a penchant for leopard print. Oh, and can we talk about her enviable stash of band tees?! Megan’s slick blog also features beauty reviews, dreamy interiors inspiration and Megan’s picks of Manchester’s coolest hangouts. You can also catch Megan on YouTube. We’re taking pictures of that fringe to our hairdresser…

What is your earliest fashion memory?
My mum used to design and make her own wedding dresses for friends and family. She had a market stall and I remember her knocking them up in the spare bedroom. I also remember being in primary school on non-uniform day once and there was an Australian supply teacher who was the coolest teacher ever. I was wearing Tammy Girl everything; a stripy rugby shirt and flared trousers and burgundy trainers. She said ‘totally groovy outfit babe!’ as I walked past and I was like ‘Oh my God! I’m fashion!’

Your style is very rock n roll. Who are your style icons?
David Bowie. Mick Jagger. I love Morrissey. But then if you want some girlies it’s definitely more of a now thing, so I love Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevingny.

How did you get started as a fashion blogger?
I was on placement year from university where I was studying fashion communication and promotion and six months in I remembered that I was supposed to be keeping a diary to give to my tutor when I got back. I didn’t want to handwrite it so I set up a blog. I was working at places like House of Holland, Alexander McQueen and ASOS and being honest because I thought I was just giving it to my tutor but it took off. I turned it into a personal style blog and then 6 months ago decided to get into YouTube.


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You live in Manchester - is one of the attractions of blogging that you can live where you want?
Yes definitely. When I went freelance I was living in London, pining to get back to home, but I could work from wherever. A lot of events are in London but that’s just not my kind of thing. Unless it’s a brand I really love I don’t want to go out every single night. I’m very much a homebody.

You boyfriend is George from the band One Night Only – what’s it like being an Insta-famous couple?
It’s great. He understands if I want to stop and take about 17 outfit pictures against different backdrops. He is the epitome of an Instagram husband. He’s very supportive but we just have to make sure that both of us have a digital detox every now and again.

Do you have any boundaries?
Not really because I think people love our relationship and the story behind it all. But there’s never anything sexy on my channels! 


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