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InStyle’s Project 13 Best Curve Influencer is breaking boundaries

Style has no size, and 2016's Best Curve Influencer sets the bar very, very high. Sharing edgy lookbooks, body positive Insta-snaps and some serious realness on Twitter, this blogger is a force to be reckoned with. She is...

Danielle Vanier
Edgy, sexy and always on point, Danielle Vanier’s curve fashion blog is your go-to for style inspo, non-cheesy gift ideas and Dani’s thoughts on the state of plus-size fashion right now. Letting us into her life on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, Danielle mixes #OOTDs with family outings, Rihanna concerts and shouting out brands that sell cool clothes for the curve customer (as well as calling out those that don’t). In her own words, Danielle wants to ‘inspire you to feel confident about your body’, and for that, we love her.

How does it feel to have won this award and to have been voted for by your readers?
It feels really special. Obviously it was really nice to be nominated in the first place, but then my readers got behind me and they were really proud to tell me that they’d voted for me. I felt I was doing it for plus size women and for my readers who have supported me from the beginning. They feel like if I can achieve something like this, it doesn’t matter what shape or size I am. We don’t have to hide away anymore.

How has social media helped with body positivity?
I think it’s been paramount to its growth. For years we’ve been told that only one shape or size is the acceptable image. With the rise of social media and people like myself who can upload images every day and show that they are plus size but also very happy with their shape and how they look really helps to inspire others.


Tell me about the look you were wearing for the InStyle shoot.
I felt great in it because for a long time plus size fashion has been quite a way behind mainstream fashion. We’re always playing catch-up; when there’s a trend in other sizes we get it a year later. I love Hayley Hasslehoff’s range for Elvi - I like the clean, modern, simple, minimal look - so when it was handed to me to wear I was really happy.

Who else is doing plus size fashion well?
For fast fashion and trends ASOS Curve have it down. I’m on that site every day. I like to see how a dress or a skirt is going to look on my rolls, my tummy, my chubby legs, my cellulite. When it’s a flat image you don’t get a sense of how the fabric moves or clings to you, so I think they do it really well by shooting on models. My all-time favourite brand is Monki. They don’t necessarily cater to the plus size woman - I think their sizes go up to size 18 - but there’s pieces there that can fit up to 28 because they do a lot of boxy oversized pieces that work great for plus size figures. There’s still a long way to go at the premium end of things but Navabi is a great site. It pulls together a lot of different designers and brands that use nicer fabrics and last longer.

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