InStyle gets the inside scoop on the set of Mad Men

InStyle gets the inside scoop on the set of Mad Men

We rifle through Joan Holloway's wardrobe and chat to the swoon-inducing Don Draper…

When InStyle went backstage on the set of Mad Men we got a sneak peek into the wardrobe of the series that's been setting designer trends since it debuted.


The brain behind the decadent 60s glamour on Mad Men is Janie Bryant… the wardrobe mistress who's being hailed as the next Patricia Field. And it's no wonder, not since Sex and the City has a TV show had quite so much sartorial clout.

From Joan's curve-enhancing pencil skirts to Betty's riding outfits and Peggy Olson's quiet girl chic, the fashion in each episode captivates us entirely.

The effect of the period-detailed clothes on the cast is immediate; "As soon as we put on the clothing we feel very different," Christina, aka Joan Holloway tells us. And although she loves Joan's looks "I never would have thought to put on a pencil skirt before, but it does wonders!" she confesses she's not quite so keen on the long-line bra she has to wear. "It has boning all the way down to the waist. Sometimes we're in them for 17 hours at a time." Ouch!

But perhaps most surprising is the blanket ban on any hardcore exercise considering Mad Men is shot in LA, a city full of fitness fanatics. "If Matt (the series creator) sees a defined muscle, he will tie you down so you can't use your limbs! It's important to him that you don't see sculpted bodies," Says Christina.

And do the cast always look quite so fabulous? We asked Jon Hamm, the actor who plays Don Draper. "If you'd seen me 45 minutes ago, you'd have been surprised. I clean up well!" He confided.

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By Pat McNulty



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