InStyle chats to hot Brit actor Douglas Booth about new drama Worried About The Boy

InStyle chats to hot Brit actor Douglas Booth about new drama Worried About The Boy

Don’t make any plans this Sunday night - because gorgeous young Brit actor Douglas Booth (whom everyone is touting as the next Robert Pattinson) stars in a totally unmissable, one-off, film-length drama Worried About The Boy (on BBC2) about the hedonistic life of 80s pop icon, Boy George, lead singer of Culture Club. We talked to the former Burberry model about kissing boys, wearing make-up and losing his eyebrows...

You look incredible dressed up as Boy George. How long did that outrageous 80s make-up take to put on?

The big looks took about an hour and a half! But sometimes I’d have to get ready for a scene really quickly and I’d have four make up artists poking and prodding my face!

How did it feel the first time you looked in the mirror and saw your self as George?

The first scenes we shot I was playing George was when he was still at school so I was only half way to being George but immediately after those scenes my eyebrows were fully shaved off and that’s when I noticed I looked a bit different!

Did your girlfriend mind?

I think she thought I looked quite bizarre for a while! She just laughed at me and luckily, they’ve grown back now.

Was it fun dressing up as George in all his 80s-tastic gear? Did you think about sneaking any of it home for yourself?

I thought it was all amazing. I’d probably wear bits of it but maybe not all of it!

I read that you met George - was he pleased with your performance?

I’ve heard that he really enjoyed it and it really evoked something in him. It was probably quite emotional for him. He said that as long as I got the look right, he’d be happy.

Tell us about Gavin and Stacey star Mat Horne (who plays Culture Club drummer Jon Moss and Boy George’s lover) Did he have you all laughing on set?

Yes, Mat is amazing. He is hugely professional, extremely kind and really funny. We all laughed so much on set. We had a lot of fun, especially with the cast of the Blitz scenes [which was an 80’s nightclub and home to the legendary Blitz “club” kids including Spandau Ballet and Brit style icon, Isabella Blow]. We all went out together and had a blast.

You had your first onscreen kiss in this – and it was with Mat. Were you nervous?

As nervous as anyone would be kissing a stranger in front of a camera and 60 members of crew and later on millions of people! I was George in the scene, not Douglas. I don’t feel like I’ve kissed Mat Horne or Richard Madden [who plays singer Kirk Brandon - frontman of 80s group Spear of Destiny]– I feel George has kissed them.

People are saying you’re the next Robert Pattinson. Would you like the fame and all the screaming girls?

I don’t think you know until you’re in that role. But all us young actors are striving to be as successful as possible and now Robert can probably make any movie he wants and as an actor that’s a great situation to be in.

Now you’re a familiar face, are you prepared for people recognizing you on the street?

I don’t know. If it happens it happens and I don’t mind if people come up to me as long as they say something nice!

You seem to be spending time with a lot of beautiful British actresses at the mo. First Emma Watson for Burberry and now Daisy Lowe and Bonnie Wright for short flick Geography of the Hapless Heart. Not bad huh?

Daisy and Bonnie are both fantastic and become friends. They are really, really great girls. It’s great to get to know other people in the (acting) scene

Any celeb ladies that take your fancy and would like to bump into? (We promise not to tell your girlfriend!)

Not anyone in particular but most British actresses are delightful. We’ve got some good stock and I’d be very happy to run into any of them!

What’s next?

I’m going to be in a BBC production of Christopher and its Kind (a adaptation of the memoirs of writer Christopher Isherwood with Matt Smith (Dr. Who) and Lindsay Duncan (Thatcher)

Wow – it’s a busy year for you. When do you get a chance to spend time with your girlfriend (of three years)?

I see her nearly everyday – she only lives 20 minutes from me. Even though I’m filming a lot we get weeks off in between and we spend lots of quality time. We just came back from Whistler and Paris. We’re managing to slot into lots of nice holidays!

Worried About The Boy is on BBC 2 at 9.00pm on Sunday 16th.

By Marisa Bate


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