InStyle chats to Diana Vickers!

InStyle chats to Diana Vickers!
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When InStyle met Diana Vickers, former X- Factor finalist (and star of Little Voice in London’s West End), we fell a little bit in love…

When we met Diana Vickers recently we were bowled over by her oh-so-cool style - she was sporting a to-die-for red, leopard-print Mulberry bag, this season’s must-have clogs and chic white t.b.a dress.

But she’s not just lighting up the red carpet these days – she’s also a bona fide chart sensation. She’s had a number one album (Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree) and single (Once).

So when we were offered the opportunity to interview our new favourite chanteuse we jumped at the chance to chat about her shoe obsession, her style and celebrating those two Number Ones…

Are you excited about your new single, The Boy Who Murdered Love?

I’m so excited about this song. I co-wrote it and had so much fun doing it. Even though it wasn’t the first single, it’s a track that I’ve always loved.

Your first single (Once) and album (Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree) went straight to number one. Where were you when you found out?

I was at Radio 1 with my mum and my sister. I shed a little tear. I just wanted to celebrate and I just screamed! It was amazing – I celebrated with loads of Krispy Kreme donuts!

No champagne?

Well, a bit of wine. Every opportunity afterwards I would celebrate if I could. I had three parties - I was milking it! And I splashed out and bought an iPad. I was like, its ok, it’s my number one treat!

Is there anyone’s career you would like to emulate?

Beyonce - she is insane! She does tour after tour, releases killer track after killer track, she’s got stamina, been in films, and theatre and I really love that.

Will you be watching X-Factor this year?

I’m really excited about it. I think it’s just as well I’m not bitter about it. If I had gone on the show and nothing had come out of it, then I would have been back at school and couldn’t have I watched it ever again and it would haunt me! But because so much has come out of it for me I can sit back and enjoy it.

Did being on the show affect you?

Definitely. It was such a crucial time in my life. I was 16/17 when I was on the show and it taught me so much. The environment was so intense. I was around a lot of older people and I was going into such a mega big industry, not just the music industry but the TV industry as well. But it made me much stronger - I’m as tough as old boots now! The music industry is a great place but it’s very, very hard work. It also taught me who I could trust and to keep your loved ones close – it was like the university of life.

You’ve got great style - who are your favourite designers?

I love Krystof Strozyna. My stylist brought a rack of his things and I was like, “oh my gosh this is amazing!” I also love Julian J Smith, Sonia Rykiel, and t.b.a - I’ve got some really cute dresses from there. And of course Stella McCartney is always great…

Do you still go to the high street?

I’ve got a great leather jacket from Topshop. The other week I was wearing something I got from Topshop four years ago. I like to do that because other people aren’t wearing it. I also love vintage shopping in places like London’s Brick Lane, Camden, and (vintage shop) Beyond Retro.

Is there anything you’re a sucker for and can never resist?

I counted all my shoes the other day and I’ve got 45 pairs of shoes! That’s one of my weaknesses. I couldn’t care less where they are from but if they are a good pair of shoes I have to have them!

Who is your style icon?

I love old school style like Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. Today, I think Cheryl Cole always looks flawless and Alexa Chung always looks really great.

We hear you are working on your second album. How is that going?

At the moment I’m experimenting – yesterday I did something extreme. I love to go above and beyond and if it doesn’t work you can come back down to but it’s great to go all out.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Caleb from Kings of Leon has got an insane voice. It would be amazing to work with him.

Do you have any time off?

I’ve got two weeks off in August. I’m going to Miami for five days and Ibiza for a week with friends. Miami is already planned out - we’re off to Harry Potter Land, Disneyland and swimming with dolphins!


The Boy Who Murdered Love is available to download now with the single released proper on 19 July (taken from the no.1 album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree)

By Marisa Bate


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