InStyle Catches up with Dervla Kirwan

InStyle Catches up with Dervla Kirwan
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Dervla Kirwan on fashion, her hot husband and working with Colin Farrell

Some women have all the luck. And Irish acting beauty Dervla Kirwan is just one of those women. Not only did she recently star in the absolutely fabulous BBC1 fashion drama Material Girl (think Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty) but she’s also married to hunky Spooks actor Rupert Penry Jones. And in her latest film Ondine (released on Friday) she stars alongside the Ireland’s sexiest export Colin Farrell.

Ondine is the mystical tale of an Irish fisherman Syracuse, played by Farrell, who discovers a woman in his fishing net who he believes to be a mermaid. Dervla plays Syracuse’s ex-wife, a tortured and resentful alcoholic. But when we caught up with her for a chat on the phone, we can report she’s nothing like her character – she’s chatty, friendly and seriously lovely...
So working with Colin Farrell – spill!
Well he is the first major star I have worked with. He is so hardworking and has such a great, fun personality. And he is incredibly kind-hearted. Plus he is intensely handsome which is always very appealing first thing in the morning.
Were you a bit overwhelmed by his looks when you first met?
Completely. If you could have printed ‘OH MY GOD’ on my forehead it would’ve flashed like a neon sign. I tried to stay all cool and calm but inside I was hysterical. I remember calling my sister saying ‘I love my job.’
He met his girlfriend (Polish actress Alicja Bachleda) on set - so were you aware of the budding romance?
No and I think I’ve got a pretty good radar for that kind of thing having met my husband on set. They kept it very quiet.

Let’s talk about your husband. He’s quite the hearthrob here in InStyle towers.  Do you think of him in that way?
I do have moments when he walks into the room and I think ‘Oh my god, I married you and you are the father of my kids, that’s extraordinary, I did well’. That can sound a bit smug but I think it is a great way to feel after 10 years.
You played the brilliantly evil Davina Bailey in Material Girl -  how was that?

She is like the Darth Vader of the fashion world - I loved it. I love all the big characters you meet in the fashion industry. I didn’t base my character on him but I was really inspired Matthew Williamson as he is such a big personality but he is lovely with it.
And are you into fashion?

I am addicted. After a long day I head upstairs and surf sites like and I call it my fashion porn. Christopher Kane and Matthew Williamson are my favourites.
By Abigail Radnor

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