Instagram Zoom: It’s Finally Happening!

Instagram Zoom: It’s Finally Happening!

Instagram zoom is a reality!

Instagram zoom is official! With the app’s latest update, Insta-users are now able to take a closer look at that #OOTD or beauty editor’s flatlay, without having to take a screenshot and zoom in through your iPhone photos. Wait, we’ve all done that, right?

Even though Instagram zoom is something we’ve been dreaming of for years now (no exaggeration), we never really saw this Instagram update coming. This might finally stop people who don’t use Instagram (we’re talking mums, nans, aunties… you know who you are) from accidentally liking that girl from your secondary school’s wedding picture - from 43 weeks ago. Awkward.

So, need a lesson in how to zoom in on Instagram photos? It’s easy. Simply reverse pinch the picture just like you would on Facebook to enlarge it, and then just pinch back in to drag the snap back to it’s original size.  

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Instagram Zoom comes after the game-changing Instagram Stories update, which allows you to share pictures and videos for up to 24 hours, before they disappear from your story. It’s pretty similar to Snapchat.

Then came Instagram Drafts (aka the answer to all our social media prayers), which means you can now save Insta-photos mid edit. It’s the next best thing to scheduling – add your tags, filter and caption, then just hit send in a second whenever you’re ready.  

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What other Instagram updates are in the works? For starters, to see who’s following you back would be nice, without having to scroll through their ‘Following’ list. Instagram Drafts is great, but being able to schedule pictures would be super helpful. Lastly, PLEASE let us whitespace in the app!

Let us know what Instagram updates you’d want to see below!

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