Instagram Stories: The New Updates You Need To Know About

Instagram Stories: The New Updates You Need To Know About

Instagram Stories are here, but what does this mean for your feed?

Instagram Stories have appeared overnight, and the internet is going a little bit gaga (to say the least). The latest app update gives users the opportunity to post photos that don’t stick around their profile forever, and disappear in 24 hours, similar to Snapchat’s ephemeral joy.

So what does this all mean for you? We’re breaking down the what, why and how of Instagram Stories…

First of all, what Are Instagram Stories?
Instagram Stories are a stream of photos and videos that you upload, but don’t appear on your main Instagram profile. You can customise them with filters, text and stickers, and they play in a sort of slideshow for 24 hours, before they’re deleted.   

What’s the difference from pictures you post on your main profile?
If you’ve ever thought something wasn’t quite good enough for Insta, or you’re worried about flooding your followers’ feeds, this is how to get around it. Great if you’re trying to keep up a theme but really want to post your #OOTD, too.

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Where are Instagram Stories?
Once you update your app, you’ll find Instagram Stories in the top left corner of your screen, which is where you add your own story. To watch other people’s, go to their profile and tap on their profile picture, or click on people you follow in a bar along the top of your screen.

Can anyone watch my video?
It depends on the privacy of your Instagram page – if you’re private, only your approved followers will be able to see it. If you’re public, anyone can, but you can change the privacy to block it from certain users.  

The stalking opportunities are endless.
Kind of – you can see who’s viewed each picture and your story by swiping up.

Can I comment on someone’s story?
Tap the photo or video you want to comment on to send the user a private message.

This sounds a lot like SnapChat…
Yes. It does. Many Insta users and celebrities have noticed the similarities between Instagram and Snapchat (post a pic, gone in 24 hours), and the memes have started…

... So, what's this about updates?

Instagram Live have announced two new updates — live video, and disappearing stories and videos.

Live video (somewhat like Facebook Live, you might say) connects with your followers while you’re filming and disappears when you’re done!

Disappearing photos and videos (yep, not unlike Snapchat) is intended to be less pressurised than usual Instagrams. You can send them to groups or individual friends, and they’ll disappear after they’ve been watched — and you’ll be alerted if they re-watch or screenshot.

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