The Dresses, The Selfies! 7 Amazing Moments From The Mockingjay Pt.2 Premiere

The Dresses, The Selfies! 7 Amazing Moments From The Mockingjay Pt.2 Premiere

The last of the dreamy Hunger Games cast and their red carpet lols

The Hunger Games has been a pretty massive part of everyone’s lives over the last few years. Whether you’re a fan of the films or just walk past the posters in the train station, it’s been almost impossible to avoid Jennifer Lawrence looking badass as Katniss Everdeen.

We can't imagine what the Mockingjay Part 2 premiere and end of the Hunger Games is like for the actors themselves. The usually so cool J Law said: ‘I think it will be pretty bizarre when the movie is finally out and ... everything is officially done. This movie has been my life for so many years,’ she said at a press conference.’

We round up the unmissable moments from the premiere…

1) That Selfie

If you weren’t feeling emosh about it all being over before, the cast’s recreation of the famous Oscar selfie should do it… No? Then the caption - This isn't goodbye, it's a see you soon. #friendsforlife – should do it.

2)  Elizabeth Banks Layering A Dress And Trousers Like A Pro

The last time we saw it done this well was undoubtedly that fashion watershed moment Emma Watson wore a red Dior dress over black trousers at the Golden Globes.

3)  Sam Claflin And Laura Haddock’s Baby News

Not only is a pregnancy announcement exciting enough (hurray!), we’ve never seen a couple looking so visibly in LURVE. Sam couldn’t stop putting his hand on the bump, Laura couldn’t stop smiling… You've got to admit, that's pretty cute.

4)  Jennifer Lawrence Was ALL About The Sideboob In Dior Couture

You can always trust J Law for a red carpet hit, but this dress, from Dior’s AW15 collection, was a daring and totally babin’ choice.

5) That One Time Woody Harrelson Photobombed The Gals On The Red Carpet

The actor jumped in on a picture of Gwendoline Christie, Natalie Dormer, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Julianne Moore - and it was pretty epic.

6) Liam Hemsworth Looking Dreamy AF

Come. ON. That little face!

6) It Was Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black’s First Outing Since Getting Engaged!

And you can even check out the ring.

Guys, guys... Mockingjay Part 3?

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