Man Gives Tips On How To Chat Up Women Wearing Headphones (Yes, Really...)

Man Gives Tips On How To Chat Up Women Wearing Headphones (Yes, Really...)

Women are seriously p***** off...

So, how do you talk to a girl wearing headphones? That is the question pissing off the internet right now, and for very good reason.

Now, while that question does seem harmless enough, the context in which it's been used has been enough to cause social media outrage across all platforms, with many women taking to Twitter to vent. So why are people so darn vexed? Well, basically this story involves a man, talking to other men about what he thinks women want. And well, turns out he was a bit wrong.

Dating and relationship expert Dan Bacon's blog post on his website The Modern Man entitled 'How To Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones' outlines a problem that apparently many modern lotharios are facing right now - you know, the one where they can't potentially chat up a lady if she's (yes, you've guessed it) wearing headphones.

'These days, many women walk around playing with a smartphone or tablet device and are often wearing headphones and listening to music at the same time,' Dan points out.

'Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them.'

He then goes on to offer 5 tips n' tricks for approaching headphone-wearing lady in question (who is probably just out trying to enjoy her post-work jog) and engage in a conversation with her. Regarder...

I don't know about anyone else, but the first tip concerns me slightly. If I was out jogging, or walking, wearing headphones and a strange man (even if he looked like Jamie Dornan) unexpectedly stood in front of me, albeit one metre away, I'm sorry but I'd be reaching for the pepper spray. The guy would be on the ground before he'd even had the chance to flash that 'confident, easy-going smile'.

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Plus, does anyone else find the rest of language used to describe headphone-wearing lady as mildly patronising? Come on ladies, Dan wants us to 'fully understand' what men mean. And, 'Acknowledging the Awkwardness'? Awkward? Or, just a bit rude? I won't even begin to start on the proposed role-play conversation that follows...

Did Dan Bacon mean to brown off headphone-wearing women the world over? Probably not, but as you can imagine, his 'advice' hasn't gone down too well, and many female folk have taken to the Internet to shake a collective fist.

And to further exacerbate the problem, according to Dan, us single girls are more likely to stop whatever it is we're doing, mid-Rihanna, to let a man engage with us sans headphones.

'However, if a woman wearing headphones is single and hoping to meet a boyfriend (or even a new lover), she will usually be happy to take off her headphones to give you an opportunity to create a spark with her.'

Wow. Single ladies everywhere, perhaps this is where we've been going wrong all this time.

So, what's happened in the aftermath? Dan Bacon has remained pretty quiet about the media backlash he's created, and hasn't yet taken the post down. So, if you want to read the full blog entry, you'll find it here

Do you feel comfortable about a man approaching you when you're wearing headphones? Let us know.

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