How To Take The Perfect Selfie, By Kim Kardashian

How To Take The Perfect Selfie, By Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian spills her top tips on taking the perfect selfie

There is, in fact, a science to capturing a sublime selfie.

Just ask Kim Kardashian West, author of a certified me-me-me picture book, Selfish, and, of course, reality TV star. ‘Angles are everything’, she tells InStyle US. And utilising a reflective surface can help. ‘I love a good mirror selfie’, the 35-year-old mother of two says. ‘If you're in good lighting, you can really show a lot 'cause you can see the whole room’. ‘I think my faves are when I'm in a bikini and in the mirror. But that doesn't really narrow it down a lot because I feel like that's often’.


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Bikini shots aside, Kardashian West recently teamed up with Lumee, a brand that makes phone cases that come with bright, face-illuminating lights, to design two new marble versions. ‘It's really fun when I get involved in a project and then you just see everyone using it, it just makes me so proud’, she says of her work. ‘I was introduced to the Lumee by my aunt Shelli Azoff. ... I was using it and I was like, 'This is the most genius idea! Why I didn't think of this and come up with this myself?’

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Since that introduction to her current obsession, the entrepreneur has taken many a selfie and has ultimately reached a new rule for snapping pictures with fans. ‘I was at this restaurant the other day and people were coming up and asking for a selfie, so everyone would use their hand and take it and they would always do the worst angles from down low’, she says. ‘I was just like, you know what? My new rule is 'Oh, yeah, let me take your camera' and I'll hold it—because every time I do it the picture turns out so much better.’

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So how, exactly, are hers so perfect? ‘You really have to put it up above. You need to have your hand positioned to where it's as far away from you as possible and not down to up. It has to be up—facing, tilting down. That's the key. Obviously, lighting. You have to have good lighting. And I think that's really it’.

Here's an example for good measure.


There you have it.

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