How To Take A Selfie Like Jourdan Dunn, And Why She’s Probably Blanking Your Calls

How To Take A Selfie Like Jourdan Dunn, And Why She’s Probably Blanking Your Calls

She’s the supermodel whose selfies need no filter, so we couldn’t wait to hear her secrets

Jourdan Dunn is more than a model – aside from gracing covers and catwalks around the world, she also hosts her own cooking show, Well Dunn, on Jay Z’s YouTube channel, starred opposite Beyonce in her visual album and is a charity ambassador for The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. Then the supermodel turned her hand to tech, inking the new HTC One M9 Handset with prints inspired by her own body art.

Aside from selfies, Jourdan also spilled on her most used apps, the emoji that needs to exist and why she’s surprised her Uber rating is so high.

Did your own body art inspire the design of the HTC One M9 INK phone?
Yeah, all of my body art that’s on me is pretty personal and meaningful, so the hamsa hand that’s on the phone is my next piece of body art. I really love what it represents; happiness, protection and love, so I wanted to create something that promoted that.

Are you the kind of girl that always has your phone in your hand?

I do, it’s really bad! When people try and call me they’re like ‘wait, you always have your phone in your hand so are you basically blanking me?!’. Yeah, I am!

Be honest – how many times have you smashed your screen in the past year?
Oooh maybe twice? There’s only been one time where the whole screen was really messed up. So I think twice is alright!

Do you prefer Facetime or real time?
Real time, I hate Facetime with a passion.

Do you prefer messaging a select few or tweeting to millions?
Tweeting to millions. I guess I’d rather talk to the millions of people on Twitter than the people in my phonebook, which is quite sad!

What are your most used emojis?
My most used would be the heart, the straight face, and then the confused side-mouth face. Those are the three that I use the most.

And are there any that you wish existed?
That’s a good question, is there a middle finger one? There’s not is there? There definitely needs to be that.

Which apps couldn’t you live without?
Uber - definitely.

And if your Uber driver could describe you in one word, what would they say?
Late. Always, forever late. I keep them waiting but then but then my rating is quite good, so I guess my company is amazing even though my lateness isn’t!

What’s your most played album right now?
It’s actually Nirvana - I was in Miami recently and I was watching the Kurt Cobain documentary. I just kind of fell in love with him all over again. I got the album and have just been listening to that and A$AP Rocky’s new album.  

Nirvana might be quite a surprising one for people to hear from you!
It is surprising, I literally just keep singing it and everyone’s like ‘what?!’. I appreciate good music, I was mainly brought up on r’n’b and hip hop and stuff like that but I just like good music.

If you could invent one piece of fashion tech after designing this phone, what would it be?
Maybe if you’re shopping on your own and you want advice, there could be an app to tell you if you look good. But then maybe not, you might be like ‘wait, did that phone tell me that I don’t look good?!’, but I guess it could help!

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