Kim Kardashian-West’s 5 Rules For Being Famous

Kim Kardashian-West’s 5 Rules For Being Famous

Kim Kardashian-West is pretty much an expert...

Kim Kardashian-West knows a little bit about being famous. Don’t you know she was the ‘top AOL search for the whole week’ back in 2007?! Since then, the entire Kardashian/ Jenner clan have become total pros at dealing with he paparazzi, but it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 2005, Kim loved the attention and stopped to chat to her adoring paps. But everybody knows you gotta play hard to get, right?

Posting a Q&A video with BFF (and CBB star) Jonathan Cheban on her website, Kim spilled on the top tips she’s learned from PR guru Jonathan over the past ten years. Turns out, there are five key rules you need to follow…  

1. Don’t Talk
Jonathan pulled out the What Would Victoria Beckham Do card on this one, telling Kim to stop giving walking interviews to the paps every single time she stepped out of her house. Basically, be strong and silent.

2. Don’t Smile
Another What Would VB Do scenario… You’re not supposed to love the attention (even though Kim admits she did), so don’t be too happy.

3. Wear Sunglasses
Ditto above. Slap on some shades and act like the paps don’t exist.

4. Get A Makeover
Ok, maybe this was referring to Kim’s style circa 2005 (you can look back at Kim Kardashian’s style transformation here), but if you’re going to be snapped, make sure you’re looking good.

5. Don’t Drive A White Range Rover
Apparently this is not cool. Get a new car.

Got those? This is just a brief overview of Kim’s guide to being one of the most famous women in the world; apparently if we knew what went on in Kim and Jonathan’s ‘inner talkings’, we would, like, die. Yikes.

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