HOW MANY Crystals Went Into Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sparkle-A-Thon?

HOW MANY Crystals Went Into Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sparkle-A-Thon?
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Katy Perry made sure she stood out during her Superbowl performance in the most Katy Perry-ish way — with countless outfit changes, inflatable props and lashings of crystals, obvs...

Katy Perry took her halftime performance during last night's Super Bowl very seriously, didn't she? From her teeny-tiny laced-up pedi to her football motif dress, the 30-year-old singer's pre-SB efforts were so great, we knew we'd be in for a treat when she took to the stage to entertain the stellar crowd but nothing could prepare us for the spectacle that was to unfold. 

Sporting not one, not two or three but FOUR different looks in the shows interlude, each ensemble was something to behold. 

Aside from the fact that Katy may just be the fastest outfit changer EVER, her costumes were made all the more impressive thanks to their striking embellishment and kooky motifs. 

Each one was designed and created especially for Katy by her close pal and designer daredevil Jeremy Scott, who tailored the looks to fit her repertoire of songs. 

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The first look Katy rocked on stage was a 3D  flame emblazoned top and mini skirt combo which she paired with custom-made LaDuca booties that were encrusted with a whopping 12,600 Swarovski crystals. Yep; you definitely don't want to scuff those bad boys... 

The next look in Katy's wardrobe line-up was a gown so star-studded it could rival the Oscar's red carpet. The dress featured a thigh-high split, sheer cut-out and glittering silver stars that gathered at the shoulder and dusted down to the hem.

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Of course, no frock is complete without some serious bling and Katy's 20 carat DIAMOND earrings certainly provided it in abundance. 

For her third look, Katy slipped into a mini dress which featured a beach ball bustier and a flippy skirt in bold primary colours. Nothing subtle here, people.

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Then, for her final song alongside Missy Elliott, Katy rocked an oversize hoodie which must have been too casual for her liking as it was finished off with — you guessed it — loads more gems. 

All in all, Katy's Super Bowl wardrobe consisted of 4 outfits, 20 carats of diamonds and a blinding 22,000 crystals. Just a day in the life, huh? 

After such an epic night, who can blame Ms P for wanting to cementing the eve with something special? But instead of swiping those bespoke booties or her custom microphone as a keepsake, Katy decided to mark the event with something way more permanent.


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'I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight... XLIX'. Yes, Katy went all out and got herself a tattoo! The inking is the Latin numeral for 49, marking the 49th Super Bowl.

Clever and miles better than a football in our opinion... 

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