How did Kate Middleton and Prince William choose Royal baby name?

How did Kate Middleton and Prince William choose Royal baby name?

We take a look at the Royal history behind Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge’s name


The speculation is finally over as Kate Middleton and Prince William have revealed the Royal baby's name as Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. While Kensington Palace released a statement announcing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose the name George simply because they "liked it", there is a actually a long Royal history behind the chosen names.


As well as being the bookmakers’ favourite name in the run up to the birth, there have been six Kings named George in British history, the most recent being the Queen’s beloved father King George VI. There has been only one other Prince of Cambridge and he was also aptly named George, which in addition, is one of Prince Charles' middle names – the new Royal baby’s grandfather.

Alexander is a more unusual choice for the Royal family, with the name more synonymous with Scottish Kings, albeit it is of course a play on one of the Queen's middle names, Alexandra, too. Louis however, is one of Prince William’s middle names and is significant in Royal history after Prince Charles’ uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was tragically killed by the IRA in 1979.


In comparison with his parents, who took a week to choose his name, Prince William and Kate Middleton were relatively decisive in naming their son. On leaving St Mary’s hospital on Tuesday press asked Wills whether he choose the name George, to which the Duke of Cambridge replied, “wait and see”.

The new Royal family left Kensington Palace yesterday to head to Bucklebury where they will be staying with Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton while they adjust to life as a new family. Prince William will be taking two weeks paternity leave from his role as an RAF pilot and will no doubt be a hands-on dad.

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