The Barack Obama Bling?! How Drake Is Changing The World…Kind Of

The Barack Obama Bling?! How Drake Is Changing The World…Kind Of

First came the memes, then the Christmas jumper, now Barack Obama's getting in on the act? Hotline Bling has been very, very good for the world…

When Drake first dropped Hotline Bling, nobody could have predicted the internet sensation it would turn into. From his casual Sunday outfit to his dodgy Dad dancing, we’re not entirely sure what Drake expected from the video, but it definitely wasn’t this… These are the 8 totally unexpected ways Hotline Bling changed the world…kind of.   

1. The Musical Collaboration (you never thought you’d see). Yep, Drake’s coolin' with Adele. After meme’s from both Drake and Adele’s latest videos went viral (flip phone, Adele?!), the Hello singer told etalk that she’d love to work with the rapper on a remix of his latest hit. Now, Drake is totally up for it, saying he’d do “anything” with Adele, “I’d literally go to Adele’s house right now and do laundry for her”.

2. The Internet Gold. Not only does Adele want to remix the Drake track, there’s also video evidence somewhere out there of Adele “off her face” (her own words) dancing to Hotline Bling – on a coffee table. This NEEDS to come out.  

3. The POTUS. Everyone knows Barack Obama is just about the coolest president around, but now thanks to Baracksdubs (you need to check out this YouTube channel...), even POTUS is getting in on the Hotline Bling act.  

4. The Vines. It started out as a flick of the wrist, but now Drake’s questionable dance moves have turned into tennis playing, pizza topping, basketball bouncing, salsa dancing vines that took over the internet within about 24 hours.

5. The Christmas Jumper. Forget reindeers and Holly, Drake has made his way to the front of  Christmas jumper, and it’s selling like hot-Drakes. Get yours quick from The YeTee, or go for green on Fresh Brewed Tees

6. The Lipstick. Tom Ford's Lips & Boys collection is inspired by some of the finest men in pop culture right now, so it's no surprise Drake made the cut with this metallic violet shade. An instant best-sell-out success with no plans to restock, obv.


7. THIS Video. Drake pretending his hotline is actually blinging at a basketball game with his Mum.

8. The Copycats. Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose both posted their versions of Drake’s smooth moves, but it was this American Calculus teacher who stole the show performing in front of his entire class. Working Drake’s Hotline Bling outfit for Halloween, this video went viral…

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