Kit Harington Has Shaved Off His Signature Beard And Social Media Can't Handle It

Kit Harington Has Shaved Off His Signature Beard And Social Media Can't Handle It

Men with beard: are they hotter with or without the facial hair?

Suffice to say that Twitter was flooded with stunned selfies at stage door. Our particular fave? One fan who solemnly announced that Kit without a beard is like 'pizza without cheese.' We're on the fence. But enough about us - what do you think?




Kit Harington aside, there's just something about a man with facial hair that makes us weak at the knees. And he's not the only A-lister who looks hella' hot unshaven...

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has long held his reputation as the royal wild child. Years of questionable Halloween costumes, NSFW iPhone pics and the such like have all attributed to him being named the most relatable and likable member of the royal family (soz, Kate Middleton) by the British public. So yeah, he must be doing something right, and while his latest 'rebellion' is a lot tamer in comparison, you can guarantee HRH Queen Elizabeth won't be too pleased with him after this...

It has been reported that, after Prince Harry let his stubble grow out into a full blown beard back in December 2013, the Queen requested that he get rid of it and resume his clean shaven appearance, stat. And when your grandma pretty well rules the country, you're obliged to listen to her.

Last year however, on the Prince's royal tour working alongside volunteers and their rhinos at the African Conservation Experience in Nelspruit, South Africa, he clearly found himself in a position where a razor and a suitable sink weren't to hand. Because of this, we were treated to a glimpse of his forbidden beard once again.

Bradley Cooper
Yep, the fuzz is Bradley's friend.

David Beckham
Put the razor down, Becks...

Idris Elba
This man clearly knows the power of stubble, as the only time he's ever gone clean shaven is for a role. Men of the world, take note. 

Jamie Dornan
We refuse to watch Fifty Shades Darker UNLESS Jamie's stubble is free to roam.

Ryan Gosling
Ok, so he's super young in this pic but we're so glad Ryan saw sense and grew out his beard. Now, he's one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood. 

Zac Efron
It's probably his baby face, but Zac sans stubble just feels wrong. So wrong. 

However, guys don't always get it right in the facial hair stakes, including some of this gorgeous lot. So, before you toss your BF's Gilette in the trash, you may want to prepare yourself for these worst case scenarios...

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