Hot Gossip: Penn Badgley in Wonderland

Hot Gossip: Penn Badgley in Wonderland
Wonderland Magazine

The Gossip Girl Brooklyn-ite smoulders in Wonderland’s new issue

Out of all of New York City’s boroughs, Brooklyn is our clear favourite. It’s got excellent pizza, a fantastic view of Manhattan (it even trumps the view from the top of the Empire State!) and brooding artist boys like Penn Badgley.

Okay, Penn is not actually from Brooklyn, but he plays the gorgeous across-the-bridge intellectual Dan Humphrey with perfection on Gossip Girl – and now he’s playing the part for the February/March issue of Wonderland magazine.

And we are impressed! We don’t often see Penn pose for the camera (unless he’s being snapped by the paparazzi while hanging out with his stunning girlfriend and co-star Blake Lively), but he looks like a natural in his fedora and casual T-shirts.

But let's be serious now – are you really paying attention to what he's wearing? Yeah, we weren’t either.

If male poets aren’t your type, give his interview a read anyway: Penn let’s us in on his eclectic music tastes. Who would have ever thought he was a D’Angelo fan?

Wonderland’s February/March issue featuring Penn is out 5th February.

By Monica Derevjanik

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