Hot Dudes With Dogs Is The Best Thing To Happen To Us This Week

Hot Dudes With Dogs Is The Best Thing To Happen To Us This Week

Hot guys + cute dogs. What could be better?

Instagram crazes seem to be ten-a-penny at the minute.

We were still reeling over the whole Rich Dogs of Instagram thing (check out that little beauty if you haven't already - @richdogsofinstagram - we've never seen many small fluffy dogs in Armani jumpers) when a new and possibly even better account was brought to our attention.

Hot dudes with dogs (@hotdudeswithdogs) does exactly what it says on the tin, providing  a regular stream of chiselled hunks with their sweet-looking pooches.

Think the digital version of the old Archers ‘something for the ladies' advert. So stop whatever you're doing and give yourself a little treat with our round-up of the best...

1) The beach, the sunshine, the ridiculously hot owner. Yep, we're officially jealous of a pug.


2) We're not sure which we're happier about: the chocolate brown puppy or its total McFitty Hotness of an owner


3) It's a mean feat making the ownership of such a small dog look so manly. This guy is pulling that off


4) We don't blame the golden retriever for looking so smug


5) How's that downward dog coming along, guys?


6) Woof


7) We're even willing to overlook the onesie (the dog looks less convinced)


8) Lucky old pooch


9) H-O-T


10) Nice shades


11) Oh my


12) And finally....


To whoever is running this account, please keep up the good work.

Can we have hot dudes with kittens next please, instagram?

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