FYI: Hillary Clinton Has A Very Hot Nephew

FYI: Hillary Clinton Has A Very Hot Nephew

Meet Hillary Clinton's nephew, Tyler Clinton. The reason to move to America and vote for the Democrats, immediately!

Call us shallow, but nothing gets us more excited about politics than a token hotty. Take Justin Trudeau, a prime minister of an example, who suddenly made us want to skip over the Atlantic and become Canadian. We are, of course, already 100% team Hillary Clinton, but it helps that she has one seriously hot nephew. Who. Knew.

Meet Tyler Clinton, the nephew of Hillary Clinton and, of course, the former president, Bill Clinton. Blessed with a beautiful bone structure, a windswept quiff, some pretty pecs and a six pack to rival the Body Coach’s. The Clinton cutie was initially spotted a week ago when he took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention to celebrate Aunty Hillary’s nomination. As Tyler was covered by a flurry of streamers and balloon, the Internet went pop. It’s amazing what a little flurry of twitter activity can do for one’s career.

It turns out the strapping lad is the 22-year-old son of Bill Clinton’s half-brother, and musician, Roger. Fun fact alert: during Uncle Bill’s time in office the secret service gave Tyler’s father the code name, ‘headache.’ Well, he was part of a rock band called Politics (edgy, much?) and starred in two films, Pumpkin Head 2 and Spy Hard. Obviously these are absolute classics of contemporary cinema. Plus Bill managed to get Roger a pardon for a high-profile cocaine possession conviction form back in 1985. Juicy and very Scandal-esque.

Naturally with all the components of an Abercrombie and Fitch model, our newest obsession from Team Clinton is dipping his toe into the modelling world having recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University (sounds exotic). Trusty Uncle Bill popped down to deliver a speech. It's great to have pals in high places, isn’t it?

Having successfully upstaged Hillary’s now-iconic white trouser suit, it seems the world is at the feet of this aspiring model. Professional offspring tend to have a short shelf life, but, for now, expect to see this chap on a billboard near you soon! Plus, he has a half-sister called Macy, so perhaps a sibling campaign is on the horizon.

We do bare some bad news, though… word on the street/the World Wide Web is that Tyler has a girlfriend but you never know girls, things can change!  

Watch. This. Space.

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