Here's What We REALLY Saw When We Went To The BRITs 2015

Here's What We REALLY Saw When We Went To The BRITs 2015

We've all seen Madonna's unfortunate tumble at the BRITs (which she handled like an absolute pro), but here's what we saw from our front row sears that the cameras didn't…

It's all about Kim
Kanye West might have been the talk of Twitter with his BRITs performance, but when he came off stage it was Kim that everyone was interested in. We saw the selfie-pro (or not, given her trouble taking a snap on stage with Ant and Dec) being whisked away into a huddle by a dozen people while Kanye was left making small talk with Taylor Swift. And by the way, those massive flame throwers Yeezy performed with? We could feel the heat from our seats. We hope whoever was holding them was on double pay.

Taylor Swift really does look like a nice person
After her acceptance speech for Best International Female Artist in which she showed some real love for all her pals including Ed Sheeran, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne (who were cheering her on from their seats), we spotted the singer hugging practically everyone in attendance and taking selfies with anyone that asked. And not looking irritated by it at all.

There was a lot of seat dancing
Ellie Goulding, Karlie, Cara and Taylor weren't able to get up and shake it off (it wasn't the done thing), so they settled for a good old fashioned seat boogie instead.

Lionel Richie was nonchalantly walking around
Before we realised the legendary singer was there to present an award, we were surprised to spot Lionel casually walking amongst the guests almost unnoticed. Definitely the best celeb sighting of the night, even if he did get a bit John Travolta with Lisa Snowdon on stage…

Cara doesn't just pull those faces for the cameras
We saw the model mucking around at various tables, pulling faces and generally being silly, proving that she isn't just mugging for the paps.

It's a game of musical chairs
You know when Ant and Dec just happen to bump into celebrities as they walk amongst the guests? Well, hate to break it to you, but they walk past the same table with a constantly rotating seating plan. We spotted Lewis Hamilton swap places with Rita Ora, who then moved on to let Sam Smith in. Nifty trick, fellas.

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