Helena Christensen strips!

Helena Christensen strips!
Citizen K

Supermodel Helena Christensen has bared all for the front cover of a French magazine.

Helena Christensen is a mother of one and at 40 years old still has a body to die for. She's one of InStyle's favourite fashionistas whether she's dressing for the red carpet or just out and about in Greenwich village where she lives in New York. (Check her out left, turning a bunch of yellow roses into a must-have accessory).


So we're always excited to see what she's wearing when pictures of her pop into our inboxes. However when she posed for the front cover of French style bible Citizen K, there was no outfit coordination involved at all.

With her brunette hair in a bouffant, bed-head style and wearing not a stitch of clothing, Helena wowed us with her spectacular physique. With strategically placed arms, it's clear to see why she's still at the top of her game. All hail Helena!



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