9 Reasons Poldark’s Heida Reed Is Our New Girl Crush

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We hung out with Poldark’s sassiest actress Heida Reed to talk all things Icelandic accents, obsessing over Game Of Thrones and how much you’d have to pay her to get a tattoo of Celine Dion…


It's a wrap for Elizabeth on series 2!!! #poldark

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Heida Reed might just be our all time biggest girl crush. Don’t know her? Fine, she’s ours! Ok, ok, we’ll share. Here’s 9 reasons why Poldark’s sassiest actress is officially on our BFF wishlist…

1. She’s A Heatbreaker

Yup, Heida’s character Elizabeth basically does the unthinkable and rejects Mr Poldark aka our forever Torso Of The Week Aidan Turner. Not familiar with the show? We’ll give you the 411. It’s late 18th Century and Ross Poldark has returned to his hometown of Cornwall from the American War Of Independence only to find his old sweetheart Elizabeth shacked up with his own cousin. Damn girl, you hurt Poldark bad and we kinda respect that.


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2. She’s Also A Romantic

Chatting to us on set for our November beauty shoot (stay tuned people!) Heida revealed she’d just flown over from LA but wasn’t too happy about leaving her boyfriend there. Don’t believe us? Check out her instagram account people, they are one loved up couple. Awwwww.


Oh man this dude is the best. #tbt Monte Carlo.

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3. She’s Giving Us Serious #SquadGoals

Despite Heida’s character Elizabeth and fellow castmate Eleanor Tomlinson’s character Demelza (best name ever, right?!) being rivals for Mr Poldark’s affections, IRL the two actresses are BFFs. Regularly hanging out on the moors between shooting, Heida even cooks dinner for Tomlinson and Mr Poldark himself, Aidan Turner.


Selfie break #poldark @official_poldark

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4. She’s Secretly Icelandic

Yup, she might sound British but she’s actually from Iceland and deliberately changed her accent so she wouldn’t get typecast. ‘It was a business strategy really. I love my accent but as my second language is English anyway I figured why not have an English accent. I had an amazing vocal coach but I pick up accents really quickly anyway. I reckon it paid off!’

5. She’s Obsessed With Cleansing

Yes, it might sound boring to be a complete boffin about washing your face but anyone who manages to take their makeup off even after a few bevvies is seriously impressive to us. ‘I’m so regimented in cleansing, I cannot for the life of me go to bed with makeup on. I’d just rather not wear makeup at all. I’ve basically stopped wear mascara unless I have an event to go to because I absolutely loathe having to take it off later.’

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6. She’s A Massive GOT Fan

In our books, anyone who watches Game Of Thrones is more than alright. ‘I’m really late to the game but I totally love it. When I started watching the first series all my friends were like, ‘You’re only on series 1? Oh my god!’. Check out Heida’s best Game Of Thrones impression in our Georgetown video coming soon.


It's happening! #got first ep. 🤓

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7. She’s Great At Baking

‘Me and Ruby Bengal are both big fans of the Great British Bake Off so we always watch it together. I try to bake as often as i can but I swap in ingredients to make the recipe healthier like I’ll make cupcakes but I’ll swap out the flours and stuff. Otherwise I’d weigh a million pounds!’


Frenemies? #poldark season2 @official_poldark

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8. She’s A Secret Celine Dion Fan

Ok, we might have stretched this one slightly but when asked on set for our beauty shoot whether she’d turn down £1million if it meant having a life-size tattoo of Kanye West on her back, Heida politely replied that she wouldn’t accept, however, if the tattoo was of Celine Dion she might change her mind. LAD.

9. She’s Not Scared Of Donald Trump

Would Heida Reed turn down a helicopter ride with Donald Trump we hear you ask? Answer - no. ‘Because I could push him out of it.’ Heida, you’re a woman after our own hearts.


Poldarks can be mean.🎩🐎😼 #Poldark

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Stay tuned for the full Georgetown video with Heida Reed coming soon and check out her epic transformation into a goth in our November issue, out in October.

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