Hayley Hasselhoff On Why She Won't Be Told What To Wear & Her New Clothing Line

Hayley Hasselhoff On Why She Won't Be Told What To Wear & Her New Clothing Line

Hayley Hasselhoff is debunking some outdated plus-size styling myths

Hayley Hasselhoff: plus size model, clothing line designer and, yes, the daughter of David – but forget the last name, Hayley is a curve icon in her own right. We caught up with Hayley at the Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool, where she debunked the silliest plus-size styling myths with the launch of her Hayley Hasselhoff x Elvi collection.

Are there any styling tips that all curve girls should ignore completely?
At the end of the day, fashion is a representation of who you are without speaking. I want people to experiment and say ‘this is who I am, I like bright colours and I’m expressing that through my clothes’. 

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Are you into bright colours and prints?
When I’m designing, it’s where the season takes you. I don’t think you should shy away from something if you like it. Experiment and see what you actually want instead of going into the high-street stores who are all knocking each other off.

Curve girls get told all the time that they can’t wear stripes…
I’d say f**k that! I’m sorry, but it’s true. At the end of the day, it’s about the design and how the stripe is. Designing this collection, I was mindful we were designing for a plus girl, but I didn’t shy away from specific designs or fabrics.

Curve girls are also told that they can’t wear oversized clothes…
No! I go more for oversized. Every time I have a stylist they think ‘oh she’s curve, lets put her in a bodycon dress’, and I’m like ‘get that away from me!’ I want something that I can feel powerful in. 

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How important is having the right underwear?
Having the right bra and Spanx is so important. Not to make you look thinner, just to smooth everything out.

Julie Morrison/ Liverpool Camera Girl

Do you ever think about plus-size style rules when you get dressed?
I’ve never conformed to what I’m told to wear and I still don’t. When I wake up in the morning I don’t look at an outfit and go, ‘it makes me look heavier, don’t wear it.’ I go, ‘this is a f**king cool-ass outfit, I’m going to wear it!’ It’s not about the figure, it’s about the look, for me.

Is that something you had in mind designing your collection?
I wanted to give girls quality pieces. I think it’s going to take a plus-size girl a second to wrap their head around it because they’ve never had anything like it, but that excites me. This has been a dream of mine.

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What alternations need to be made when designing clothes for plus-size girls?
I was always making sure that when a girl sat down nothing was hugging her figure in the wrong area, keeping things open around the stomach and the bust, but tight around the shoulders are arms. On our black shirt, we did double buttons, because there’s always a size within a size – I wanted to make sure that girl can still buy the shirt, but make it bigger or smaller so it fits her wrist.

How important was fabric in this collection?
There are so many fabrics I won’t ever touch, like cotton. I want to feel easy when I’m walking out of the house, I don’t want to tug all day long. There’s bits of me I don’t want to show, so fabrics were huge for me. I love silks, I would go to vintage stores and buy silk pyjamas because I love the way they slink off a cury figure. 

Shop the Hayley Hasselhoff x Elvi collection here

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