Harry Styles Makes Drastic Move To Prepare For Forthcoming Movie Role

Harry Styles Makes Drastic Move To Prepare For Forthcoming Movie Role

There will be NO mobile phones. And there might be sharks...How will Hazza cope?

Harry Styles post-One Direction, has the entire world at his feet.

While the other lads are off exploring the world, parenthood and new relationships respectively, it appears that Harry has his sights set on other endeavours – namely, acting. 

Yep, it appears that our Harry has dreams of breaking into Hollywood when it was reported earlier in the year that the One Directioner has been offered a role in new Christopher Nolan flick Dunkirk.

While it hasn’t yet been confirmed which part Harry will be playing (Nolan is notoriously secretive about his forthcoming film projects), it has been confirmed that he will be sharing screen time with the likes of Tom Hardy (swoon), Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh. The movie will recreate the famous World War II evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, and is currently set for a summer 2017 release.

However, it has recently come to light just how far Hazza is willing to go when it comes to getting into character. It's been reported that Harry will join other cast members on an actual Navy ship (moored somewhere off the south coast) for an authentic WWII boot camp experience to help prepare them for filming. Conditions will mirror those experienced by real naval soldiers during WWII - rations will be issued, and there will be a blanket ban on modern luxuries like running water, electricty and *gasp* mobile phones!And, there might be sharks. Wowser. Stay out of the water Haz. 

It isn’t the first time Harry has been linked to potential acting jobs, following rumours that he may be appearing in the second season of TV show Scream Queens, although this hasn’t been set in stone.


Major Hollywood shaker Harvey Weinstein also revealed that he’d offered Harry a part in forthcoming Justin Chadwick indie flick Tulip Fever, starring alongside Cara Delevingne, Christopher Waltz, and Alicia Vikander – an opportunity the singer ultimately turned down. The part in Dunkirk however, should Harry take it, will be his first major feature film role.

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One Direction fans needn’t despair though. Sources suggest that Harry is keen to keep making music despite the alleged career change. Phew. Although, hands up who’s excited about the possibility of Harry Styles AND Thomas Hardy on screen together? Yep, that’ll be all of you then.

So what’s next for Harry Styles? Will we be seeing the long-haired lothario clutching a gold statuette any time soon? Watch this space…

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