OMG...How Cute Are Harper Beckham's New Baby Vans?!

OMG...How Cute Are Harper Beckham's New Baby Vans?!
Vault by Vans x Takashi Murakami

Victoria Beckham's latest Instagram is just adorable...

Victoria Beckham just upped things a few notches on the cute-o-meter by posting the most adorable Instagram of Harper Beckham's new Vans.

And not just any Vans either, oh no...Harper is now the proud owner of exclusive Murakami Vans...and they look so amazing we want an adult pair!

Posting on her Instagram, Victoria captioned: 'The sun is out London! Baby Vans by Murakami my favorite contemporary artist,at Dover St market x obsessed! X vb'


These toddler Vans are each embellished with single image prints of Murakami's flower, skull and dog logos.

For more info on where you can find a pair for your own tot, you can go to Vans official site here.

One thing's for sure. Harper is one lucky little girl...

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