Happy Birthday Eva Mendes! Here's 25 Ryan Gosling Gifs Which Prove He's The Best Present Of All

Many happy returns to the gorgeous Eva Mendes (the hottest 41-year-old we've ever seen). To celebrate, here's 25 Ryan Gosling gifs that prove her boyfriend is the gift that keeps on giving. Hey Girl...

1) The 'it's like you're photoshopped' bod

2) Coupled with the 'why is that even a big deal? Don't be so shallow, I'm all about what's on the inside' face

3) The looking insanely hot in a breton tank top and glasses thing

4) But also scrubbing up really, really well

5) REALLY well

6) He's into music. Oh to be that guitar

7) And clapping sexily at the Golden Globes

8) And rowing angrily with facial hair

9) He's always happy to be the designated driver

10) And can work double denim

11) Could anybody else make a quilted jacket with a gold SCORPION on the back look hot?

12) He's got a great sense of humour

13) He's terribly protective

14) Sigh

15) And really loves your outfit

16) He's a big fan of dancing

17) See?

18) He's a very good kisser

19) Even when it's raining

20) Or the tide's coming in

21) Or he can't locate his shirt

22) He would really like us to come swimming with him

23) And he doesn't want us to go

24) That's OK we won't

25) OK, Ryan, we understand

26) That's sweet...

Oh wait, you were talking to her?

Not jealous at all. Happy birthday Eva!

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