That's right, it's Brad Pitt's birthday and what better way to celebrate his 51st than by taking a look back at his very busy last year? From his many questionable fashion choices and his love of versatile hattery to tying the knot with Angelina Jolie and, most recently, being out-dappered by his own daughter; this is Brad Pitt's last year as a 50-year-old in pictures. 


December 2013
That time when Brad was in a rush and desperate to get a good seat at the Annual Governors Awards but Ange was having NONE of it...

February 2014
That time when Brad's shirt didn't have a collar and it was awkward. Then Angelina made things MORE awkward with her excessive collarage.

February 2014
That time when Angelina got her heel stuck in her dress (it happens to the best of us, love...) and Brad did not see the funny side. 

March 2014
That time when Brad won an Oscar for Twelve Years A Slave and he shone bright like a diamond backstage. 

March 2014
That time when Brad tried to give the tonal dressing trend a go but was sabotaged by the paps when it ultimately failed. 

April 2014
That time when Brad and Ange were at the Maleficent world premiere and shared a private moment for all to see...

May 2014
That time when Angelina suffered a make-up malfunction and Brad tried to distract us all by wearing a very creased blazer. It did not work. 

May 2014
When Brad blew into Angelina's ear and she could not get enough of it. 

June 2014
That time when Brad and Ange spent the evening as art dealers in London. Doesn't he look clean?

August 2014
That time after Brad and Ange got married and he was so excited that he opened doors very slowly so everyone could see his wedding band...

October 2014
That time Brad did everything with his hat bar wear it...

Alternative Usage (1): Keen dancing partner

Alternative Usage (2): Belly-button guard

Alternative Usage (3): Waving device

October 2014
That time he clashed his prints like only a geography teacher knows how... 

November 2014
That time he sat oh-so-neatly and looked oh-so-distressed all at one. Keeping it together like a pro. 

November 2014
That time he walked like he has a secret that he and he alone knows... 

December 2014
That time when Brad filled in for Ange on the red carpet and his daughter Shiloh totally ousted him in the dapper-stakes...

Continued below...

Many happy returns, Brad!