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Shakespeare, the eternal romantic, once said: 'Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?' Now we don't even have to bother swiping to rate our first lustful impressions on Tinder. Our fingers rejoice! A new app can now determine our passions using our heartbeat...hmm...

Texas agency T3 has devised a new and - in their opinion - improved way of using Tinder via the new Apple watch. Calling it 'Hands Free Tinder', T3 have used all their technological wizardry to save us all from finger RSI, measuring our pulse instead as we search for our soul mate.

The rules are simple: if your heartrate speeds up, the verdict's a yes. Heartbeat slowing down there? It's goodbye and NEXT.

But wait, here are just a few thoughts: Firstly, are we really that lazy when it comes to picking a date? If sliding our finger is an effort too far, that bus-ride for drinks with them is arguable a non-starter. Secondly, can we even trust our heartbeat to make an informed decision? What if some of us just have a quicker pulse than others?

So many questions. But enough from us, what do you think? Would you give it a try?

Here's T3's video below: