Who IS Halsey? 11 Things To Know About Your New Favourite Singer

Who IS Halsey? 11 Things To Know About Your New Favourite Singer

Halsey is the electro-pop singer about to go worldwide, but who exactly is she? We break down everything you need to know about our latest girl crush

Halsey – she's the name splashed all over social media, but who exactly is this 22-year-old? We break down everything you need to know about the electro-pop singer, including why she’s so much more than her hair…

1. Halsey was born in New Jersey on September 29th, 1994. 

2. Nope, Halsey isn’t her real name. Her full name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, but she chose to go by Halsey as it’s an anagram of Ashley, and the name of a street in Brooklyn where she spent a lot of time as a teen.


Oakland tonight. You guys ready?

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3. She describes herself as tri-bi. That’s “biracial, bisexual and bipolar”.

4. Halsey’s mother is Italian American, and her Dad is African American. She’s also Irish and Hungarian, and uses her fame to fight against racism. She might look light skinned, but Halsey stands out as someone to look up to for mixed-race people with pale skin, tweeting “please don’t erase my race because I’m white passing”.


5. Halsey was diagnosed with hereditary bipolar disorder when she was around 16 or 17 years old, and speaks out as a role model for fans struggling with the same illness.

6. She’s collaborated with Biebs. Halsey took some flack for featuring on Justin Bieber’s latest album, but have you listened to The Feeling?! Skrillex sent Halsey the track, and after she heard an Alanis Morisette reference in the lyrics she agreed to “hop on”.

7. Growing up, Halsey played the violin, the viola and cello, before learning to play acoustic guitar at 14. She struggled to pay her rent at 18, so played acoustic guitar gigs as a way to earn money. Looks like that career path is working out...

8. Halsey signed her record deal in 2014 with Astralwerks, after they found her YouTube videos and SoundCloud page. She released her debut studio album, Badlands, in 2015, which she describes as “an angry female record”.


Covered in the colors

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9. She sold out Madison Square Gardens in less than three weeks. That’s 15,000 people desperate to catch Halsey before she goes stratospheric. Not bad for a girl who was playing 400 capacity clubs earlier this year…

10. She is so much more than her hair. Having worked her way through numerous hairstyles, Halsey got sick of being only referred to by her tresses. Her response? She shaved them all off, tweeting “It's. all. gone! Feels good”. 

11. Halsey says The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, The Cure and Nirvana are all influences on her style.

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