Halle Berry’s beach body secrets revealed!

Halle Berry’s beach body secrets revealed!

Find out the secret behind Bond girl Halle Berry’s super-toned bod as her trainer shares some tips

After being spotted wearing a sequence of bikinis in Malibu last week, Halle Berry’s flawless figure has been a hot topic. Even though it’s been eight years since she filmed Die Another Day, and two years since she had a baby, the actress has kept her much talked about 2002 Bond bombshell figure!


Now nearly 44 years old, the gorgeous actress is looking tight and toned, which could be down to the help of Ramona Braganza, the much-sought-after celebrity trainer. 

Braganza - who has worked with Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway – told InStyle.com that there’s one simple exercise that gets Berry beach ready:

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend knees and squat down. Put your hands on the ground on either side of feet.

2. Transfer your weight from your feet to your hands as you simultaneously jump back into a plank position.

3. Hold for a second, then jump back into a squat position and return to standing position. For added calorie burn, jump straight up to complete the exercise. Repeat 10 times.

Braganza told InStyle US; ‘It’s an all-over fat-blasting exercise because it uses the large muscles of the legs, back and chest and raises your heart rate to keep your metabolism revved up.’  

To ensure Halle doesn’t miss a workout while filming movies, Braganza has designed a mobile, transportable fitness trailer, called ‘mobile physique.’

We wish we had one here at the office, but at least we know one of Halle’s workout tricks to get ready for the beach! 


By Lydia Parafianowicz 

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