Gwyneth Paltrow Is Now The Proud Owner Of A Hollywood Sex Shop. Yes, REALLY

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Now The Proud Owner Of A Hollywood Sex Shop. Yes, REALLY

We all know Gwyneth Paltrow is serious about business but we never imagined that she'd make her mark on THIS industry

Gwyneth Paltrow has proved her worth as a businessperson as well as an actor thanks to her lifestyle biz and website GOOP and the array of books she's penned on clean living but now she's about to make her mark on a very different industry. 

Teaming up with her business partner Gary Landesberg — a big wig in property and the such like — the Oscar-winning actress has went out and bought herself Flynt's Hustler Hollywood, an iconic sex shop situated on Sunset Boulevard in L.A which sits alongside some of the most acclaimed bars and restaurants in Tinseltown. 

For a moment, it had to wonder if Gwynnie acquired the property to dip her toe in the, err, intimate market (which after the success of Fifty Shades of Grey would've probably been a pretty lucrative move) but it looks like she's got another use in mind for the prime real estate. 

Rather than selling whips, handcuffs and floggers to the store's clientele, the 42-year-old Iron Man starlet has plans — along with longtime pal Gary — to turn the shop into a super exclusive restaurant and nightclub. Now that's more like it... 

In a statement made by the shops current owner, it read: 'The building is in escrow and the Hustler Hollywood store will be moving to a new location in Hollywood later this year. The current location will remain open until that time.' 

So, that still kind makes her the owner of a sex shop — until it becomes the next BIG celeb hand out at least. 

According to US celeb-site TMZ, the joint venture between the business partners is going to as high-end as you can get with a strict dress code and majorly expensive membership fees to boot. 

Of course, Gwyneth isn't the first A-lister to turn her hand to the night club game — her close friend Jay Z has his very own string of bars and clubs across the US and Johnny Depp is the owner of a nightclub in Paris, while fellow actress and mum-to-be Jessica Biel has a new family-friendly but high-profile restaurant up her sleeve. So yep, she's in pretty good company. 

Now Gwyn, if you need to bulk out the guest list on opening night, you know we're more than happy to oblige.

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