Making Cakes, Chasing Dreams & All The Lifespo We've Learned From Our Grandmas

Making Cakes, Chasing Dreams & All The Lifespo We've Learned From Our Grandmas

It's official. Grandmas are the best...

Hands up who loves their grandma. Aren't they the absolute bomb?

Grandma/grandmother/nanna/nanny - whatever matriarchal moniker you've been using throughout your life, your grandma has probably imparted some pretty major advice/mantra at some point along the way.

And because Kim Kardashian posted a rather touching tribute to her own grandmother recently (which in turn made us feel all nanny nostalgic), team InStyle have decided to share with you guys some of their very most favourite grandmother moments.

What special thing has your grandmother taught you? Leave a comment below...

Hannah Rochelle - Fashion Features Editor

'As well as teaching me how to make amazing fish cakes and about the importance of always making sure you have a cake ready to offer guests (I have let her down on the latter), my Greek grandmother also taught me about having fun (like spontaneous dancing at the mere hint of Zorba The Greek being played), not over plucking my eyebrows (she would stroke mine and tell me they were beautiful) and how to say some very imaginative Greek insults. I think the best thing I learnt from my slightly eccentric Nanny Shier though, was to never be apologetic for who you are. She was one of a kind and totally true to herself, and that’s why everyone she ever met adored her.'

Josh Newis-Smith - Shopping Editor

'My Granny taught me how to accessorise even before I could even walk. As soon as I could sashay around, I used to steal my Grandma’s handbags. Every time she came to visit I would get a new bag from her vast selection to play with. Even when I was christened at the age of 3 I was clutching a blue croc handbag as the Vicar chucked water on me- no joke! I probably wouldn’t be a Shopping Editor if it wasn’t for her.'

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Isabella Silvers - Digital Assistant

'My Granny taught me that turmeric fixes EVERYTHING, not to waste anything (going through partition will do that to you) and to never stop reaching for my dreams. She is a true inspiration who has been recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list for her services to her community. She’s still travelling the world, taking art classes, leading group walks and organising community events well into her 7th decade, and her ability to understand Uber impresses her less tech-savvy BFFs. I’d show her this article, but she’s out later than me most nights.'

Nick Spensley - Executive Fashion Director

'My Grandma used to take me around the garden and teach me the name of every single flower AND taught me every nursery rhyme we could think of - our highest record was 103!'

Suzannah Ramsdale - Digital Editor

'My Nanny was everything. Glamorous, totally self-assured, kind to a fault with an enduring love for a nice glass of chenin blanc. She taught me so much, but the only trait I've really nailed? The wine.'

Katie Thomas - Beauty Editor

'My Granny taught me how to shop. She never leaves a shop without buying something. Even the corner shop.'

George Driver - Beauty Writer

'My Nain (Welsh for grandma) is an absolute legend. She’s the most independent person I know, has been to every continent in the world (and still going), married a man 20 years older than her (LAD) and always taught me not to be Mrs Mouse. Mrs Mouse never blagged her way into St Paul’s cathedral for free because she had an award from the Queen (which is actually true and meant me and my sister were christened there, again I repeat, LAD). She’s the ultimate cooking inspo with the most over the top and impressive recipes (no basic Vicky sponges here) and her vintage jumpers smell like the most comforting thing ever. I plan on stealing them all one day. She might casually insult my mum’s cleaning ability every time she comes round, and accidentally poison me by putting nuts in every pudding she makes but she’s my cynical icon and her use of emojis is truly inspirational. LOVE.'

Amie-Jo Locke - Digital Writer

'Words cannot even begin to explain just how much I love my Nan. And that's 100% from the depths of my heart. A true inspiration (she can still touch her toes at 84), evacuee, and professional sheller of peas, Nanny always taught me to appreciate everything we have in life. She has shown me over the years that even the smallest of gestures can mean a lot to a person who has nothing. Smile at strangers, open doors, and always offer up the last roast spud. Pavlova aficionado, creator of the perfect boiled egg, teacher of the Lambeth Walk and purveyor of M&S blouses, Joan Cremen is the glue that keeps our rambunctious family together. Plus, you can't brush up against her without palming a fiver and/or a bag of Murray Mints.'

What has your grandmother taught you? Let us know below...

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