Gorgeous man alert: Jan Uddin

Gorgeous man alert: Jan Uddin

You know we like to tell you about the hottest new talent so when we caught up with the most delicious man to hit the big screen in quite some time, Jan Uddin, we just had to share.

Former model Jan Uddin is playing Sweet Boy in the gritty, edge-of-your-seat Brit flick Shank, out today. In the film, Jan’s character is a bit of ladies’ man. And when he told us about his breakfast dates with Heather Graham, it’s no surprise to learn he’s not so bad with the ladies in real life as well...

You’re currently in Brit flick Shank with the stunning Kaya Scodelario (aka Effy from Skins). How was that?
She’s easy on the eye! When I think of Shank I think of hanging out with the boys as we were in it more than the girls. So when Kaya and the girls came on set for their scenes it was always a treat…it was like throwing scraps of food to some wild animals!
Tell us about the film…

It’s the story of a food shortage in the future. The economy’s collapsed, everyone’s abandoned the ghetto and I’m part of a non-violent gang hustling for food and trying to survive. It’s not too dark though, there’s a kind of beauty in it and you’re not watching it feeling depressed.
And we’re also going to see you in the upcoming Boogie Woogie, alongside the likes of Gillian Anderson, Heather Graham and Amanda Seyfried…
Yeah that was amazing. I used to fancy Gillian Anderson when I was a little boy and then I found myself stark naked next to her!
Who did you hang out with on set?
Heather Graham’s trailer was next to mine so we used to have breakfast together everyday. She was very flattering. She used to say ‘Oh lucky Gillian, I’d love to have a guy like you!’
And you were also in Eastenders a couple of years ago…
I played Shabnam Masood’s boyfriend. That was a great experience. I used to come to work and have crumpets with Barbara Windsor every morning which was brilliant as I used to have a crush on her too.
That’s your technique then? Just have breakfast with stars you fancy?
I was all coy and pretended to be all harmless and she would pinch my cheeks and I would think ‘yeah, go on!’
Who’s your ideal woman?
I love Naomi Watts. When I see her on screen I just want to hug her!
Do you have a girlfriend?
I’m single. There’s a girl here and there but I’m single.
So what’s next for you?
Well it’s pilot season in LA so we’re in talks for a few things out there as well as back in the UK. I can’t mention anything at the moment but it’s all very exciting.

Watch the Shank trailer here.

Catch Shank in cinemas now.


By Abigail Radnor

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