Do You Ever Google Yourself? These Stars Do...

Do You Ever Google Yourself? These Stars Do...

We've got the proof that you're in good company if you've ever typed your own name into the search engine...

You’re bored at home having exhausted Netflix’s supply of OITNB episodes.

With nothing else to do, you decide to type your own name into Google, just to see what might come up.

Will a prospective employer be able to see photos of you dancing on a bar during that girls' getaway?

Or will it be possible for your new man to clock that flirty Twitter conversation you had with a hot TV star all those months ago? Mega cringe. 

We've got a feeling that a number of you will be guilty of searching for yourself online - a couple of the team at InStyle certainly are.

But, it seems, we’re not the only ones – a number of the planet’s most famous individuals have done it too and they reckon we can learn something from it. 

Jennifer Lawrence admitted to scrolling through unflattering snaps of herself when she was feeling a little low.

'You try being 22, having a period and staying away from Google. I once Googled "Jennifer Lawrence Ugly",' she confessed during an interview with the New York Times. 

Erm, we’re pretty sure Jennifer has never looked anything but gorgeous but it’s refreshing to hear someone so successful admit to having a bad day.  

She continued: 'I find a certain peace by thinking of me in public as sort of an avatar self. You out there can have the avatar me. I can keep me.

'And I just try to acknowledge that this scrutiny is stressful, and that anyone would find it stressful. So I’ve got to try to let it go, and try to be myself, and focus on important things, like picking up dog poop.'

We're sure you won't be shocked to learn that J-Law isn't the only A-lister to have popped her moniker into a search engine. 

Reese Witherspoon is the first person to admit that it's not always a pleasant experience.  

'I know what I’m in for. You never read anything positive,' she revealed. 

'You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re tired, you’re worthless, you don’t have a career anymore, you’re a bad actor. It’s just an affirmation of every horrible feeling you have about yourself.'


And Katy Perry reckons all stars look themselves up from time to time, quipping: 'Any artist who says they don’t Google their name is a big fat liar.'

But there is one actress who's adamant she won't be typing out her own name out on a keyboard again. 

'I’ve stopped Googling myself—nothing good ever comes of it,' Scarlett Johansson once stated. 

'It gives you an inflated sense of yourself, too. It makes you feel like everyone is paying attention to you and they’re not.'


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