Go Behind-The-Scenes With Our Cover Star Nicole Scherzinger In This Amazing Video

Nicole Scherzinger is our stunning October cover star. See her like never before in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the high-end cover shoot...

Pitching up at the InStyle shoot in her wide brimmed hat and sunnies, our new cover star Nicole Scherzinger looked every bit as glamorous as we thought she would. 

The Kentucky-born star was in a celebratory mood (it was Independence Day, July 4th) and she gamely threw herself into the shoot, lip synching along to Sam Smith and Drake. Her favourite look? A navy green-striped Vionnet frock. 

Check out the amazing behind-the-scenes video from the shoot for yourselves and you'll clearly see why she's our InStyle October girl of choice... 


Filmed and edited exclusively for InStyle by Viet Tran

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