What EXACTLY will Kim Kardashian wear to watch Kanye West perform at Glastonbury 2015?

In the wake of the news that Kanye West is set to perform at Glastonbury 2015, headlining the Pyramid stage on the Saturday night during the festival's weekend, our thoughts immediately shifted to one thing; what on earth is Kim Kardashian going to wear to watch her hubby Kanye perform live? In the middle of a field? During an unpredictable British summer?

The hilarious could-be outcomes practically write themselves.

Utterly bemused by what exactly Kim — who has a penchant for body con frocks and sky-high heels — would pack for such an event, decided to look back at her previous gig attire. Needless to say, not much of her past looks will mirror those of a seasoned festival goer. 

None the less, we're sure she'll probably style it out just so: 

LOTS Of Latex
We've got two words for you — wipe clean. 

Thigh-High Boots
For when Kimmy's knee-deep...

Kim Kardashian in over-the-knee boots at Paris Fashion Week

Camouflage Prints
So she can blend in with the crowd. 

Kim Kardashian in edgy camouflage print trousers...

An Array Of Jumpsuits
The all-in-one is the ultimate staple in every savvy packer's wardrobe, after all...

Brown Aplenty
Those pesky mud-splatters will blend right in... 

Kim Kardashian wears Kanye West for Adidas

Oh, and it might be a good idea for Kim to raid her younger sis Kylie Jenner's wardrobe. If any Kardashian can be festi-ready at the drop of a hair, it's her... 

Continued below...

For those of you lucky enough to be joining Kim at Glastonbury 2015, you'll definitely want to check out H&M's hot new range of festival staples.