Glastonbury 2009 kicks off with a bang

Glastonbury 2009 kicks off with a bang
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Glastonbury 2009 is officially underway as the first celebrities - and the ever-so predictable rainfall - arrive. So, Hunters at the ready festival fans, the fun is about to begin...

It looks set to be another starry year at Glastonbury as the Geldof sisters were snapped backstage today working their usual eclectic festival fashion; Pixie's red wig is back out to play, while Peaches was looking pretty in a scarlet beret and black lace crop top. Daisy Lowe has also been spotted looking remarkably fresh-faced, hot off the plane from New York working a tassel-tastic look (complete with Prada satchel and Chanel boots), while Kate Moss is rumoured to have splashed out £500 on VIP tickets for the festival and is determined to enjoy herself.

Despite the rain, ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again drew in a massive crowd as they kicked off the entertainment on the Pyramid Stage today, while the organisers have announced plans for a series of tributes at the festival to Michael Jackson, who died in Los Angeles of a heart attack yesterday.

What with Blur, The Boss, Lily Allen and the legendary Tom Jones all still to come (not to mention the highly anticipated Moss-clang arrival) we can't wait to see what happens next...

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