Gisele: Supermodel to Superhero

Gisele: Supermodel to Superhero

The glamazonian Gisele Bundchen is making the transition from Supermodel to Superhero as she lends her voice to a children's cartoon.

We've got used to hearing celebrities' voices in animated films... Who could forget Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona in Shrek, Tom Hanks in Toy Story or Angelina in Shark Tale? Gisele appears to have found the perfect distraction during her pregnancy with her first child. The Brazilian supermodel has been signed up to be the voice of Gigi in an educational cartoon called Gigi and the Green Machine, in which Gigi takes a break from her day job as a supermodel to save the world as an 'environment protector' by night.

Gisele is no stranger to the film industry - we've already seen her on screen in the fash pack's s fave movie The Devil Wears Prada, and the eco-theme of the cartoon is right down her street as she is already a spokesperson for a number of conservational charities.

The 'webisode' is set to launch online on AOL this autumn... Only a couple of months before her baby is due in December! We'll be keeping our eyes peeled!

By Camilla Swift


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