Gisele Bundchen shows off post baby figure in ad campaign

Gisele Bundchen shows off post baby figure in ad campaign
Courtesy Colcci

Wow! Check out supermodel Gisele Bundchen as she steps back in front of the camera six weeks after giving birth

While we've been stuffing our faces with Dairy Milk, Galaxy and other chocolaty goodness over Easter, Gisele Bundchen has been modeling her new post baby figure for Brazilian brand, Colcci.

Ok, that’s it we’re officially jealous. Actually we’re more than jealous, we’re positively green. Look at Gisele Bundchen in these pictures! She’s just gorgeous, and look at that perfect figure, isn’t it toned?

Oh, sorry we forgot to mention something, what was it again? Oh yes, she had baby Benjamin six weeks ago, yes! Six weeks. Now can you understand our despair here at InStyle HQ? We’re one step away from having a strop and reaching for left over Easter eggs (if only there were some).

These pictures, showing off Gisele's perfectly svelte figure are for Brazilian fashion line Colcci. In the shoot we see her posing in cosy cardigans and little ra-ra skirts, all from their fall/winter collection.

By Leanne Bayley

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