Giovanna's World: Everything You Need To Know

Giovanna's World: Everything You Need To Know

She's a mother, an author, a wife and an amazing vlogger - plus you might know her famous family? Welcome to Giovanna Fletcher's world...

Giovanna’s World

AGE: 30


CELEBRITY CONNECTIONS: You probably already know Giovanna Fletcher, thanks to her famous family connections. Her brother is Mario Falcone from the reality show The Only Way Is Essex, and designer behind fashion brand La Familia, and Giovanna is also married to Tom Fletcher from McFly – you’ve almost definitely seen their viral wedding and pregnancy announcement videos (husbands-to-be, take note). Speaking of pregnancy, the pair have a one year old son, Buzz, who’s a regular star in Giovanna’s daily vlogs.

SERIOUS SIDE: As well as a cute and funny look into Giovanna’s day-to-day life for the past three years, the actress and vlogger isn’t afraid to tackle some serious topics. Giovanna went through a tough time adjusting to becoming a mother, and shared her story for others to know they weren’t alone. She also vlogs about having flaws, life improvements and being ill. On a lighter note, we love Giovanna’s weekly vlogs to sister-in-law Carrie (and, you know, the rest of YouTube), updating her (and 106k subscribers) on Buzz’s latest developments and her life.

AUTHOR: As well as a vlogger, Giovanna is a successful women’s author with five books already under her belt, and more to come. She also blogs about the books she’s loving at the moment, and is a regular at book launches for her friends and fellow YouTubers. The YouTube community is nothing if not supportive, but her writing is good enough to become bestselling on its own.

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