Actress Gina Rodriguez Lends Fan Her Golden Globes Dress For High School Prom

Actress Gina Rodriguez Lends Fan Her Golden Globes Dress For High School Prom

Actress Gina Rodriguez did something SO sweet for one of her fans, and the whole world needs to hear about it...

Okay, so we’ve all dreamt about borrowing a fave celebrity’s dress for a posh do right? Right.

Imagine then the delight felt by US high school student Jessica Casanova when that dream became an actual, ACTUAL reality. Honestly, this story is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy...

When Jessica initially fell in love with a blue satin gown worn by actress Gina Rodriguez for the Golden Globes ceremony back in January, she never in her wildest dreams anticipated that her fantasy of wearing said dress would ever come true.


Even so, the teen decided to tweet the Jane The Virgin star regardless:

‘So would love to wear your golden globes dress to prom’

Why not right? It's not like that's EVER going to happen right? WRONG. 

Even though Gina has over 200, 000 twitter followers, amazingly the Golden Globe Best Actress picked up the tweet and made it her mission to grant her fan’s wish. She responded:

‘Where do you live? I only own my first globes dress the one from last year...maybe we can make this happen’

Amazing. Imagine getting THAT tweet. Lucky Jessica!

As it turns out, Gina couldn’t send Jessica the actual 2016 Golden Globes dress as it was on loan for the evening from Zac Posen, but she could however offer the teen her 2015 black strapless Badgley Mischka frock instead.


Gina tweeted Jessica asking if she knew the dress in question. Jessica responded with a picture of the glamorous fringed number asking excitedly:

‘Are you talking about this one? The one you slayed in?’

After many exchanges involving postage and thrilled GIFs of Carlton dancing, Jessica eventually received the dress in time for her prom. You can't even make fairytales like that up right?

And the final tweet before the big event?



Naww, now hasn't that story made your day? You're welcome guys...



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