Geri Halliwell range for Topshop?

Geri Halliwell range for Topshop?

Spotted: Geri Halliwell leaving Topshop tycoon Philip Green's office! Could she designing a collection for our high street favourite?

She was the Spice Girl with the cheeky demeanor capable of pulling off a Union-Jack dress. Now Geri Halliwell is a mother of one, and proving she can write more than just an autograph, penned the adventures of Ugenia Lavender making her last year's biggest-selling children's author.

Now it seems nothing can stop 'Successful Spice' as she is said to be preparing her own line of clothes for Topshop. The range will be designed for women a little older than Topshop's usual customers, so don't expect anything too outrageous (we're guessing a Union Jack mini dress revival isn't on the cards then...)

The release date of this collection is currently under wraps, but we wait with bated breath.

By Tor Cardona


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