George Clooney pays a visit to the White House

George Clooney pays a visit to the White House

George Clooney, UN Messenger of Peace and all-round heartthrob met President Obama to discuss the situation in Sudan.

It seems that George Clooney really can play any part. From Oscar-winning actor to Sexiest Man Alive, front row favourite at Milan Fashion Week to humanitarian activist in Sudan.


It was the latter of these roles that took George Clooney to the White House and a meeting with the United States President. Having recently spent a week in southern Sudan, George met President Obama to urge international diplomacy and global pressure to prevent post-election violence across Sudan in January.

UN Messenger of Peace and Goodwill Ambassador, George called for the US, UN and other countries do all in their power to ensure the January referendum runs smoothly.

George’s usual smart casual balance was tipped to the smarter side to meet the President, with a navy suit and white shirt accompanied by a striped tie. Eagerly answering reporters’ questions outside, he quipped: “Camera’s tend to follow me wherever I go, so we figured let’s bring them all to the south of Sudan.”

What a man!

By Sarah Smith


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