The Best On-Screen Same-Sex Couples

The Best On-Screen Same-Sex Couples

Think gay films stop at Brokeback Mountain? Get to know the same-sex couples we love from the big and small screens

As Amandla Stenberg, Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton and Owen Campbell get tangled up in a complicated love triangle in the brand new trailer for upcoming movie As You Are (watch the trailer below) we round up the best on-screen same-sex couples - from the laugh out loud to the totally tear-jerking... 

Julianne Moore and Ellen Page (who came out as gay in 2014) play a lesbian couple fighting for the same marital rights as straight partners after a devastating cancer diagnosis in this tear-jerking true story – definitely one to watch with a tissue box close by.

In one of the biggest awards season successes of the past year, Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett star in Carol, a love story with a (spoiler alert) unusually happy ending. When sophisticated shopper Carol meets sales assistant and aspiring photographer Therese, feelings escalate and relationships crumble. 

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A Single Man
Probably the most stylish film in our line up, Tom Ford’s A Single Man sees Colin Firth mourn his late partner (Matthew Goode), also starring Nicholas Hoult in all sorts of 60s attire – think skinny suits, thin knits and suede jackets. 

Orange Is The New Black
Hands up who binged on OITNB the second it hit Netflix? The prison drama is a) hilarious, b) groundbreaking but c) features one of our favourite gay couples on screen, Piper and Alex. Then there’s Crazy Eyes, Nicky Nichols and Big Boo, who is gay herself – it’s not all about Ruby Rose, you know. 

Brokeback Mountain
Released ten years ago, Brokeback Mountain is one of the most successful films with a gay couple at its heart, and was also one of Heath Ledger’s last performances. Jake and Heath are heart-wrenching.

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Modern Family
The clue’s in the name… family in 2016 is so much more than a man and a woman with 2.4 kids. Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are hilarious as Cam and Mitch – and we will never get enough of Sofia Vergara. 

Cucumber, Banana, Tofu
Remember the Channel 4 series with a vegetable theme? From the creator of Queer As Folk (which you should also definitely watch to see Charlie Hunnam, pre Sons Of Anarchy), Cucumber/ Banana/ Tofu is the perfect comedy drama to get binge on, whether you’re gay or not.

This Amazon series has landed SAG, Golden Globe and Emmy awards for its portrayal of a transgender woman, but it’s Sarah and Tammy that have us talking. Played by Amy Landecker, Sarah leaves her husband (but not her two kids) for Tammy, a long-time love from college. Now, Caitlyn Jenner has signed on for the third series - here's what we can expect from her role... 

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In the mood for a romantic drama? Set in Nottingham, Weekend sees Tom Cullen and Chris New share an eventful weekend together (hence the title). This one’s for you if you’ve ever had your life changed by a single weekend with a stranger.

Do you love Cam and Mitch, or is Carol more your thing? Let us know below!

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